I was born in Albany, N.Y. in 1948. Currently, I live in Coxsackie area, Greene Co., N.Y. Art has been in my life since I can remember. Painting outdoors is what I do. It’s what I love, think about, work at, and struggle with. I’ve been able to devote over 40 years to the art of plein air painting and each day, I’ve learned, is a world of new challenges and possibilities.

I’ve learned about landscape painting from excellent artists and teachers. Albert Handell, Marcia Clark, Staats Fasoldt, and Nina Rosa Irwin are among them. I have been influenced by the Barbizon School, Impressionism and American Realism, and the Hudson River School. Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Thomas Cole, considered the founder of the Hudson River School, are especially important and inspiring to me. The Albany Institute of History and Art has a fine collection of Hudson River School paintings, where I've spent many hours, inspired and captivated by their beauty. Living in the Mid-Hudson River valley, where the Hudson River School was born, I literally walk in the footsteps of Cole and the other fine artists of that movement.

Painting on location strives for a synthesis of observation (seeing), internalization (contemplation), and application (brushes, paint, canvas). I “paint the day” as I see it, and suggest to the viewer a sense of place via painterly brush strokes.